You might have notices my blog has run amok lately. Posts that never show up, although they’re weekly regulars, I’m not on Twitter as often, I comment less on other blogs and I’m generally keeping a low profile. And this situation will go on for the next three weeks. Why? Well, there’s a few things…

  • Most of my team is on vacation and I’m practically alone in getting to important launches ready
  • Some time consuming personal projects need to be taken care of before my vacation
  • I’ll be on vacation for the next three weeks. And here’s a taste of how great it will all be!
  • I somehow managed to accumulate so much tiredness, I can’t even think straight for more than half a day
  • Getting everything ready for the vacation in the evening only, after work, has proven to be quite a challenge.

The good news is I have some interesting articles planned for all of you and some amazing bloggers will be guest posting here. Speaking of guest posting, if anyone’s interested, let’s talk! In the mean time, I’ll also cover my whole trip on Travel Spells.

Thank you all for understanding, for still being registered to my feed, for stopping by and commenting. I’ll be back with a new and improved blogging force after the vacation, promise! Oh, and don’t worry, I have an internet connection at the hotel, I’ll do my best to keep in touch!


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