What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

Reading Hello everyone, nice to see you at a new edition of our Monday reading list. Hope your new week will be better than the last!

Worried about how to tweet, if you should unfollow certain people or about what will happen if you disappear from Twitter for a couple of weeks? Forget all of your fears and just start tweeting after reading Joanna Young’s 21 irresponsible ways to improve twitter confidence.

Bounce rates are an important metric, yet are often ignored. Tad Chef of SEO 2.0 shared 7 simple ways to decrease bounce rates and get more conversions.

The recession is claiming it’s victims. And great customer service is a much needed lifeboat. Joseph Thornly of Pro PR has a great case study from the travel and tourism industry to show you just how much high quality customer care can do for you.

Thinking to start your own business blog? I’m sure you’ve read a lot about it, but you should add Linas Simon’s list of things to check before you start.

Are you on the look out for a cause to join? I found the perfect one for you, recommended by Donna DeClemente of Lip Sticking: help stop violence against women. Don’t let the headline kid you, it’s a good thing they’re promoting 😀

Sonia Simone starteg a wonderful series on Remarkable Communication showing the 7 big mistakes small businesses do. Here’s mistake number 2.

Is there something you want added to this week’s list? Let us know in the comment box!

See you all next week!

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