Alex invited me to write another guest post on Blogsessive and I gladly accepted his offer. After my first entry on his blog, here’s an excerpt of my latest contribution to his wonderful blogging tips, Networking 101 – Building Relationships with Bloggers:

All blogs are written so that others could read them. This statement is true for both personal and business blogs. Otherwise bloggers wouldn’t take their diary online. So from the moment you publish your first post, you’ll be waiting for your soon-to-be readers and their take on what you have to say.

While waiting for readers to discover you might be a choice for some, the more impatient ones of use will approach readers proactively. And by far the most effective way to get them to read your writings is to bond with them, so them you’re worth exploring.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter! Besides, as my blog is only randomly accessible, I’m glad to know we can connect someplace else

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