Yes, after a quite bumpy two weeks ride, Words of a Broken Mirror is once again up and running! It took two weeks to get a new hosting account, backup my old files and get the answered approved, two days for my to partly import stuff on my new account and majorly screw everything up and about 2 hours for Alex to get everything sorted out and clean up my mess 🙂 .

While my blog was down and I couldn’t share anything with you through posts and comments, I realized that this blog is such an important part of my life that I really wouldn’t want to live without it. I could, but why would I ever? So many friends, so many thoughts, so many moments, why waste something like that?

Again, I apologize for the down time and for all the hassle you might have encountered when trying to access my blog. Hope you quickly forgive me and get back to regular visits.

P.S. From what Twhirl shows up, Joanna Young was the first to comment after the move! Thanks so much for that!

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