or How never to teach marketing

Disclaimer: this post was written last Saturday during class. But as I was blogless at that time, it’s only know being published.

Two weeks ago, a student of the Romanian American University(RAU), Tourism Economy department, had a wonderful weekend. Finally, inspiring professors (two of them actually) and some really cool things to actually bother researching. Something fresh and new and not lost in the mist of centuries past. Then the new head of this private institution stopped by to tell us how things were changing: an increased level of education, more asked from the students. Anyway, it sounded impressive. So impressive I bought it, most of it anyway.

Then this weekend came. I was looking forward to my Marketing class. I mean, it’s marketing, I love it, it should be wonderful! Well, I’m currently in the middle of a disaster. The class is boring, it only speaks of old concepts and dusty theory. Where are the cool tricks, the case studies, and the engaging presentation? It’s marketing for God’s sake! This is one teacher that should know more about giving students what they need and want.

Well no! First of all, we have the no longer applicable theories. Telling someone working in marketing and PR for a B2B software company that B2B implies door to door sales and little promotion? How does that apply in our case? Yes, it is a way different kind of marketing than B2C, but have you watched IBM lately? Or other IT companies focused on B2B alone? Who’s selling door to door only? Have we forgotten the internet? How about incoming phone orders?

Moving on, why is Kotler the only recommended author? I get the idea these people treat his work as the Bible. Yes, he’s great; we all know it, but come on! Give a girl a few options! Or at least mention his latest works!

And then the cherry on top: a definition by the late founder and image of this University! OK, he counts, I understand, there are little mourning shrines on each floor. But if you recommend learning two definitions by heart, why to you stress the fact his should be one of them? He’s really not that big in the Marketing field.

And if this wasn’t enough, the year Marketing started being studies in Romanian universities needs to be remembered! Who cares, there was no marketing in Romania! Do you think the Communist party had a marketing plan and a budget to sustain it?

I wonder when exactly we will learn more than just a few theories during the 3 to more than 5 years we spend in Universities getting our BA, Masters or Doctorate. When will we love being in school as we’re convinced is useful. When will all professors know how to engage students? At least a few of them!

Speaking of a change when you have no one to back it up with is just wishful thinking. Besides, if we speak marketing, you might catch up on a little trick called word of mouth. I will never recommend this university to anyone. I wouldn’t recommend any of the private universities to be honest. But RAU is a special case. They take pride in their admission system, in their collaboration with American Universities. When will the substance behind all the flashy ads kick in?

I for one am totally disappointed. And two professors are not enough to make me feel the 3 years spent here were worth it. I just want to get it over with. And probably in about 10-15 years I will no longer have such a sour taste in my mouth when thinking of graduating here.

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