When you think of marketing a product or a service, you have to consider what kind of issues it will help your customer with. But just telling them what problems you’re solving might not be very convincing. You need to also show how it all works. So what can you do: talk to your current customers and start writing a few case studies. Then move along to publishing a few testimonials on your site.

But when you’re new, there aren’t hordes of customers to show off. And even when there are, they might not be cool enough to draw that much attention. So what can you do then? Well, it’s easy: scan the papers, magazines, portals and blogs for news on a problem you could solve popping up in the life of someone important. A star, a state department, some sort of royalty, there are dozens of possibilities.

Use the case to educate your potential customers. Try an article on your site, a blog post or a press release. What ever you choose, make sure you don’t let the effects of your cool idea slip through your fingers because of poor or completely lacking promotion. Your famous partner’s name will help, but it might not magically do the trick for you.

And here’s a great example: security firm generates some buzz around its name by telling people how to protect their privacy on Facebook. Nothing extraordinary, except they used the case of Bono and some teenagers partying and then spreading photos on Facebook as an example. Instant popularity! The Register, which usually picks up extremely relevant security news, published it.

Of course, if your customers don’t back up the problem solving story afterwards, you won’t close too many deals. But if you can jumpstart your business and hold your promise to help out with a set of issues, you’ll later support your fictional stories with real case studies. But more importantly, you’ll be able to rely on your happy customers, and we all know how important their recommendation is to getting new business.

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