I’m not planning to start celebrating Thanksgiving, but I will start acting in this holiday’s spirit: remembering everything great in my life and being thankful for it. So here are some really cool people and events in my life that I am deeply indebted for.

My family – the one I’ve been born into and the one I working on creating. They are all great and in their own way helped me achieve whatever I set my mind to.

My friends – an amazingly vivid and eclectic group of wonderful people that I’ve met around the world. No, I don’t differentiate between online and offline friends, but when online, I know who my friends are, not everyone chatting with me or sending me cool stuff to read is my friend. Yet 🙂

Kayla – the little lab puppy I finally got! I am a dog fanatic, yet only owned two when I was in secondary school. I’m happy and thankful I was able to get her and give her a home full of love (and dog toys and dog hair and dog stuff 😛 ).

My career and where it’s going – I’m extremely close to a dream come true, something I’ve been secretly wishing for since high school. And I have been blessed with the support and constant encouragement of some wonderful people.

My life in general – It’s not always perfect, there’s always room for better, but generally, I am doing great! I’ve accomplished everything mostly on my own, with the help of family and friends and Lady Luck, but I never needed someone to find a job for me, find me some people to hang out with, pull me out of tremendous crises and I’ve generally been keeping far from destructive habits. All listed above deserve a big fat thank you for this final point!

What are you thankful for?

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