OMG! OMG! The blogger in me turns four today! Four breathtaking and amazing years! Too many exclamation marks, I know, but I really cannot describe how happy and excited I am. I’ve started on Blogger, with the first version of Words of a Broken Mirror and that’s been my home for about 3 years. On the side, I’ve launched a photo blog, Views of a Broken Mirror, also abandoned in the mean time. The photos however are still there for you to enjoy. Right now, besides managing this blog, I also have a travel blog, Travel Spells, a great source of advice, tips, reviews and magical recipes to make your trip exactly what you want it to be and I also manage the PRwave Blog.

About a year and a half ago, I’ve been blessed with my own domain, a very thoughtful gift from my great friend and later appointed big sis, Trisi. I’ve started posting here and in time, WoBM has become what it is today, a PR and Marketing blog that I’m extremely proud of. A lot of people have helped ever since: Trisi with the WoBM logo, Mig and Alex with endless WordPress changes (Alex has also designed the new WoBM look) and old and new friends (who you can easily meet if you browse through the comments) with their constant support and cheer.

WoBM Proudly Announces the 4 Year Bloggiversary Group Writing Project

I’ve realized that today was the big day sometime after lunch. I got overexcited and when clicking the “Write new post” option in my dashboard, it hit me! What better way to celebrate these four amazing years, what better way to reward my friends and readers, than a group writing project? I got some prizes ready for you in the spur of the moment, but before tempting you with what you might get, I’d better tell you what you’d have to do to get it 🙂

Blogging and Relationships – Write about the wonderful people you’ve met!

One of the best things blogging has brought to me is tons of wonderful people. They’ve inspired, supported and reassured me over the years. So I challenge you to think of those you’ve met throughout the blogosphere and share what you’ve learned with the class. I’ll start the project myself, by posting my entry tomorrow.

Now for the official rules!

  • Publish an original article on your blog before February 28
  • You may only have one entry per blog. If you have more than one blog, lucky you 🙂
  • Link to the post announcing the group writing project
  • Comment on this post announcing your entry, just to make sure I don’t miss your entry, we can’t always rely on trackbacks!

There will also be a jury, including yours truly, and I hope to be able to announce it tomorrow, along with my entry. Until then, behold! The prizes for the best three post*:

  1. A copy of IttyBiz’ SEO School
  2. Depeche Mode – The Singles 86-98 in mp3 format (I love them and this particular collection holds all my favorites)
  3. A copy of Lillie Ammann’s “Dream or Destiny”

Additionally, along with these prizes, you’ll get 2 hours of free PR consulting from yours truly. As you can see, I’ve selected stuff that I can order online and can be delivered to you immediately. This way, you don’t have to wait for weeks to get your prize delivered from Romania 🙂 .

What do you think? Will you come out and play?

*At the time this post was publishes, I hadn’t confirmed that all prizes could be ordered and paid for by me and downloaded by someone else. I hope I won’t have to change them though 🙂


Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz not only confirmed it was possible to have her SEO School as a prize, she also offered to become my very first contest sponsor and give it away for free! So not only is she extremely funny and great at offering marketing advice that people can actually understand easily and start using it asap, she’s also extremely nice 🙂

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