Are you wondering why I’ve kind of disappeared? Well, the reasons are two: my not feeling very well and Kayla chewing up my laptop charger. Does the last one sound a bit like the “Dog ate my homework” excuse? Well, at least it is funny! But being without my laptop really reduced my online time. Why? Because I have to get my boyfriend away from his computer and work without most of my tools. Then again I have no saved passwords and it gets into a big hassle very fast.

Bottom line, I want my computer running 🙂 . At all times if possible. Now the big question comes: why didn’t I buy a new charger. Well, I couldn’t find one. In the big city, capital even, of Bucharest, with its 4 or 5 Sony Centers, there are little to no Sony Vaio chargers.

Why not use a universal charger, you may ask. Well, because Sony Vaios are so great and high-end and pretty, that the normal universal chargers don’t work on them… I’ve tried, about 4 different models! The guy from the place I tried to buy the charger from called a colleague, that’s how I found out they really don’t work on this series of laptops.

How will the problem be solved? Well, they placed an order, I’ll have my charger in two days. It sucks as this is my work computer, with all my files, billing software, etc. So what did Sony do wrong? They were nice enough to look for the charger in all their centers from Romania, found one, ordered it, I’ll go buy it in a few days. Problem solved!

Not exactly: if you provide a laptop that does not like universal chargers, you should make sure that in the largest city of Romania you have a few extras at all time. Otherwise, the next time I buy a new laptop, I might go with a different brand. Sony Vaio is not a cheap brand. It’s designed for business people. The kind that use their laptops intensively and are dead without them. Or they might be alive, but without purpose.

So what happens after your customer buys the product is very important if you want to make sure they buy from you again and again. We all agree that return customers are the greatest. But keeping them happy after the sale isn’t limited to providing amazing customer service. Availability of spare parts and making things move fast is as important. If you have this huge channel targeting new customers, old ones will end up feeling overlooked, unappreciated, upset. And if there’s anything they did not like about your product before, that will become a deal breaker all of the sudden.

Will I buy a Vaio next time? I honestly don’t know. I was pretty sure beofre all this hassle.

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