If you’re looking for a great PR idea that is both low budget, interesting and efficient, here’s one: the Gift Meme organized by Kdo.ro, an online gift shop that promotes special, unique gifts, and PRwave, the first online PR community and news site in Romania, managed by my friend Loredana Pascal.

Kdo.ro Online Gift ShopThe meme is simple: Loredana started by buying gifts for three of her friends, myself included. With the gift, we received a nice envelope describing the campaign and encouraging us to buy a gift for our friends and get a 10% discount for it. We could of course choose to write about the campaign or not, join it or not. From there on, you can consider yourself tagged when you receive the gift. Sounds simple, the budget is not big and it does not imply spending something to get the bloggers to write, it just entails a small discount.

Why exactly does this campaign work? And it does work, all three of the initial bloggers plus others have already joined. Here are a few reasons:

  • Most of us love surprises! Although we knew of the campaign, no one knew what he/she was getting, and the Loredana made inspired choices.
  • Once you experience something nice, you want to share it with those close to you. So imagine a day in the office, lots of work, and then a call from the front desk saying: “Alina, you’ve got a gift waiting for you over here!” Such a lovely change in your daily routine. I got a very pink Bathing Belle set 🙂 Good hint I should stop and relax once in a while
  • We all give presents to friends, sometimes because it’s a special occasion, other times because we just want to surprise them. So if we can have it ordered with a few clicks, delivered to their home or office and also get a discount for as many presents as we want, why not take the opportunity. The need or desire already exists, Kdo is just building the campaign around it.

The only downturn I can think of is that the Gift Meme is only limited to Romania. But I’m definitelly joining! I was planning on buying some cool gifts in March anyway. I won’t tell who the gifts will go to, simply because I want them to be completely taken by surprise. I don’t think I’ll be around them when they get the prizes, but I do hope they’ll have a smile on their face as big as the one I’ve had when receiving my pink surprise. Loredana, thank you again for such a wonderful choice!

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