Another week went by since my last announcement about the WoBM Group Writing Project “Blogging and Relationships – Write about the wonderful people you’ve met!“. As the deadline is approaching fast, I’m back with some news and the obvious reminder to publish those posts in time and let me know you’re in for the prizes. Speaking of prizes, Lillie Ammann offered to also autograph the copy of “Dream or Destiny”! So here’s a quick list of the prizes:

  1. A copy of IttyBiz’ SEO School
  2. Depeche Mode – The Singles 86-98 in mp3 format (I love them and this particular collection holds all my favorites)
  3. A copy of Lillie Ammann’s “Dream or Destiny”

Plus the 2 hours of free PR counseling from me which are an extra something for each prize. As I’m sure you remember, winning entries will be selected by a jury whose members are Loredana, Alex and myself.

If you want to play with us, don’t forget the rules!

  • Publish an original article on your blog before February 28
  • You may only have one entry per blog. If you have more than one blog, lucky you 🙂
  • Link to the post announcing the group writing project
  • Leave the link to your entry on the announcement post

Here’s the list of entries already submitted:

Brad Shorr – Blogging Relationships are Gold for the Soul

Sarah Welstead – 7 Rules for Effective Relationship Blogging

Andrew of Good Honest Dollar – Three Special Bloggers

And my own – Investing in relationships has excellent ROI

I don’t know if I’ve officially mentioned this, but my entry doesn’t count 😉

Happy writing! Oh, yeah, and the clock is ticking!

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