Janelle Vadnais of Create Business Growth and I had a wonderful conversation about Words of a Broken Mirror and blogging, PR and Marketing over the weekend. It resulted in an interview she published today. We talked about my long and winding road through the world of blogging, the PR and Marketing career I chose for myself and the life of a small business owner. Just to get you started, here’s the first question of the interview and my answer. To read the rest, please visit Janelle’s entry.

Have you always been involved in PR and marketing? What did you do before WoBM?

I’ve always been somehow involved in activities related to PR and Marketing. My first job was as an editor for a press monitoring agency, but it also involved translating press releases, helping out when the agency organized press conferences and creating all sort of other PR reports. I then moved onto jobs that were clearly in the Marketing and PR field, with a short stop in customer service, which I think helped a lot. WoBM started as a personal blog, but it switched to a PR and Marketing blog as I started to get more and more interested in the field.

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