Two months ago I published a post about the switch PC Magazine made from print to fully digital. Two months later, I get an interesting email on LinkedIn from a friend who works for Business Review, a local magazine. Business Review will go digital as well, along with another two magazines in of the same publishing group.

To make their transition smoother and get more visitors to their websites and of course subscribers to their digital issues, the three magazines have started a campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn Groups. Seems like a good idea, but I have to wonder, wouldn’t it have been a lot more effective if they created the social media profiles before the switch, so that they’d have time to get more readers, followers and group members?

We can’t really tell, but at least having reporter profiles already online and their having quite a few connections did help. As for their shift from print to digital, it’s not really a surprise. Sales of copies and ads have decreased significantly everywhere. How many will follow this trend? I know for a fact Ziarul Financiar (daily business and financial newspaper) sells subscriptions that include both online and print editions. Will the rest of the Romanian papers follow? Will it be only those in Bucharest? What will happen to the local newspapers and magazines? Whatever the future holds, it’s an interesting field to watch!


Apparently, they’re switching back to print starting March 1st…They thought about it, rendered some publishing costs more efficient, and are going back to print. Good news or bad, it tells a lot about what strategy means for Romanian print magazines of the BMG group! 🙂

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