Premio Dardos AwardI am honored to announce that Lillie Ammann of A Writer’s Word, An Editor’s Eye has awarded a Premio Dardos to this PR and Marketing blog. Put in slightly different words, I won a Premio Dardos Award and I am extremely proud of it 🙂

What’s the Premio Dardos Award?

Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

What do you do once you’ve received one?

There are some rules to be followed:

  • First, accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and link to her blog.
  • Second pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment, remembering to contact each of them to let them know they have been selected for this award.

Who am I passing it to?

After a lot of pondering, I’ve chosen 15 bloggers, listed below in alphabetical order. There are are few bloggers that also deserved this award, but I chose to only select blogs written in English, and theirs were in Romanian. There are more who I religiously read and deserve it, but Lillie was faster than me 🙂 And finally, there’s a 15 bloggers limit, or I would have copy/pasted all the blogs I have in my Google reader.

  1. Alex Cristache – Blogsessive
  2. Andrew – Good Honest Dollar
  3. Barbara Rozgonyi – WiredPRWorks
  4. “CR” Cataunya Ransom – Mosnar Communications Blog
  5. Daniel Secareanu – Daniel Secareanu, Strategic Marketing & Business Development
  6. Deb S. – Media by Sistrunk
  7. Ian Lurie – Conversation Marketing
  8. Janelle Vadnais – Create Business Growth
  9. Jonathan Fields – Awake@the Wheel
  10. Phil Butler – Phil Butler Unplugged
  11. Robyn McMaster – Brain Based Biz
  12. Rodger D. Johnson – Your PR Guy
  13. Steven Snell – Traffikd
  14. Susan Gunelius – Women on Business
  15. Tadeusz Szewczyk a.k.a Tad Chef – SEO 2.0

Later Edit: I apologize for the initial error – Premio Dardos is Spanish, not Italian.


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