Today is that very special day when Mirror Communications, PR and Marketing Agency, officially opens doors online. I’ve shared my plans earlier this year and it finally happened! There’s still plenty of work o be done, but we’re finally out of the construction site 🙂

But now that there’s a new PR and Marketing agency on the market, some people my stop to wonder: is there room for another one on the market?

Well, for a good one, there always is. And when it comes to PR strategies and effective marketing, these troubled economic plans do not require them, they strongly demand such services. For a million reasons: starting with the possibility of gaining quite some market share rather easy and finishing with the fact that employees, clients and partners need to know your company is doing OK, you’re there for them and you will provide the same excellent products and services, regardless of where the economy is headed.

But if these reasons are not enough, consider the following:

If you want your true identity to be reflected, your unique voice heard and to engage in wonderful and profitable conversations, take a look at the Mirror Communications website, read some PR and marketing post on your blog and then contact me. Let’s talk about how we can work together to make your company shine!

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