I am extremely proud to announce my very first article on Everything PR, one of my favorite blogs covering PR and marketing and run by my very good friends Mihaela Lica and Phil Butler. Here’s a sneak peak for you:

Private Garbage, the New Pseudo-gold Mine of Personal Branding

I thought keeping your dirty laundry away from the media was the key to success in the world of the famous, be it actors, singers, politicians or sport stars. And, the Tiger Woods media circus causing him to loose a lot of advertising gigs is partial proof for my point of view. Years ago it was not so fashionable to be rumored to have slept with X and Y famous colleague, substance abuse, abandoning your children, cheating on your spouse, and etc., these things were career stoppers – but things have changed

To read the entire article, click here. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on it on the Everything PR blog!

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