Prova.fmAt a first and quick glance, does not seem to offer much more than other crowdsourced design sites. You basically are promised agency level designs for your logo, website, ads and more which also fit in your budget. The procedure is not new. You create a design contest for which you fill out a brief, set the amount you want to pay and wait for designers to submit their work. Just like in other cases of design contest sites following a similar pattern, you get more proposals than with any other agencies, you can interact with the designers and ask them to make the changes you need to pick the perfect fit.

Designers on the other hand get to showcase their work and if they are the lucky winners, they also get paid for their work. If they don’t win the contest, they can still submit their templates to a dedicated section of and get paid if someone else than the original company requesting the design work purchases them.

Pretty much a basic model, even if done perfectly, up to here. After spending some more time on the website and reading more about them on the Internet, I finally got to pinpoint what sets them apart. All contests can be promoted on various social media websites and combined with the voting system for submitted designes, companies looking for brands that work get to test them against their target audiences.

If your customers, industry peers and the media access your blog and see a post about your rebranding process, they can check the designs and provide feedback on the artwork they like best. While they are not qualified designers, they are the best critics of your logo, website or other brand-related imagery. Why? Because they are the people who need to react to it, be convinced by it and act on it!

“Where we differ is our focus. Prova focuses on effective advertisement designs. Prova’s an advertising agency, & our primary goal is to help small business owners have access to agency-quality advertisements.”
[…]understanding what your audience likes is a huge part of effective advertising,” explained entrepreneur David Gash, creator of, to The Next Web.

Buying the designs that attract more customers are the main target of businesses looking for effective branding strategy and it’s exactly what makes stand out!

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