What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…


It’s been a rich week in the online world in what usefull business, PR and Marketing tips are involved. Here are a few must reads for you to kick start the week with:

Lip-sticking blog’s guest writer Chloe Spencer explains Why Teens Are Addicted to Facebook.

A scandal raising once again well known issues – is the media biased? how far should you go when a journalist has published something partially true about yourself? are journalists in the business of half-truths? Oracle CEO to Fortune Reporter: ‘Hey Jerk…your job is telling half-truths’ via PR Newswire.

Thinking of turning your blog into a book? Then you should read about Barbara Swafford’s experience on Blogging without a Blog.

5 Not-So-Easy Steps to Manage Your Brand Online, an insightful post from Brian Solis on listening, engaging social media users and managing online brands.

Fair warning from Ben Yoskovitz (Instigator Blog): Scratching Your Own Itch May be Detrimental to Your Startup’s Health!

A great question coming from Amber Naslund – Are You Sure You Want That Social Media Job?

Shouldn’t social media be about the people boosting its power? Yet most social media platforms are in the bad habit of hunting down power users (who act as evangelits, driving hordes of traffic and attentions). Alex Cristache debates it in Social Media’s new creed: Power from the people.

Weekly Roundup on Travel Tweeks

Ed Stafford, First Man to Hike the Full Length of the Amazon River
This is a story about dedication, endurance and love for hiking and the wild outdoors. It took Ed Stafford a little over two years to complete the 4,000 mile hike along the Amazon River, from its source to its mouth,making him the first man in the entire world to succeed in such a challenging travel plan. He started his hike in Peru, back in April 2008 and finished it yesterday at Maruda Beach, Brazil.

Roatan Island, Honduras: Scuba Diving Paradise
Welcome to the astonishing Roatan Island, Honduras, the largest of all Bay Islands and dream destination for scuba divers across the world.

My articles on Everything PR

Absolutely Public Relations’ big fail in the challenging world of social media

Mia Farrow States Naomi Campbell’s Uncut Diamond Story Is Inaccurate

Carole White Agrees with Mia Farrow: Naomi Campbell lied

Apple Exec Mark Papermaster Leaves because of iPhone Antennagate

Tropical Storms Mess up BP Oil Well Sealing Plans yet again

New Jackie Evancho YouTube Viral Boosts America’s Got Talent Popularity

comScore Twitter Worldwide Report: Indonesia, Brazil and Venezuela Score Top Growth

US PR Spending Rebounds, Set to hit USD 4.4 billion by 2014

Small Business Owners Continue Education to Expand Skill Set

2010 PRWeek Awards, Recognizing Excellence in Public Relations

Oprah Winfrey Hires Rosy O’Donnell on Her Soon to Come Cable TV Channel

Obama’s New PR Strategy: Send More Illegal Immigrants Home

Levi Johnston, from Dating Sarah Palin’s Daugther to Getting TV Reality Show

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Under-performs this Weekend, Proving Reviewers Wrong

Have an awesome week and see you all next Monday!

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