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If you say you’re great, you’re bragging. If someone else says you’re great, it’s fact.

Testimonials have the power to overcome objections, reduce bias, and persuade prospects to buy. Business people should get in the habit of writing testimonials whenever they have a highly positive business experience. It fosters strong relationships, trust, and positions you as a reliable reference.

What is a testimonial? A testimonial should be a verbal or written before-and-after picture. It should clearly paint in the mind of readers or listeners why they might want to do business with the company you acclaim.

Testimonial Content

What problem did you have and how did this business resolve it (or what need did they fill)?  What did they do that their competition doesn’t?  If you can answer those questions in a succinct statement, the company will be greatly benefitted by your remarks.

Keep your testimonial short and to the point.  Focus on facts; be specific about what makes this company special and different.  Use numbers whenever possible and close with how happy you are.

Why should you write a testimonial for someone you’ve done business with?

  • The more feedback you give a company, the better they can tailor their services for you.
  • When you provide a testimonial, that business will strive to keep you as a happy customer.
    • Some companies give gifts or discounts to clients that refer friends or colleagues.
  • If you have a business and your testimonial is used, it gets your name out there!
    • Online testimonials can even link directly to your website!
  • Your mother would be proud to hear you say something nice 🙂

How do you get testimonials for your business?

Use the EAR method. Earn. Ask. Reward. Many businesses are afraid to ask for a testimonial. As a marketing consultant, I often recommend this: Create a simple form that includes space for your client’s name, the date, and their signature. Ask them to write a brief note explaining why they enjoyed doing business with you. Note how you will use their comments, in print and online marketing efforts, for example.

Train yourself and your employees to present the form whenever someone makes a highly positive remark. Simply thank them and ask them to write down what they just said. At the conclusion of a successful project, ask for your client’s business again and suggest that they pass along your name to others. Be sure your customers know that the experience of working with them was one you’d like to repeat, and that you’d like more customers just like them!

Always send a personal thank you for referrals and when possible, a small gift.

Have any businesses gone out of their way to serve you lately?  Please leave a comment.

About the author

Terra L. Fletcher, owner of Fletcher Freelance, is a business writer and marketing consultant. In the last three years she has had over 40 clients. Fletcher Freelance works with a variety of business persons in a variety of industries. You will find samples, testimonials, and a complete bio on the website, Terra is a member of the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce, Shawano Area Writers, Wisconsin Regional Writers’ Association, and Helium. She also teaches community education classes on Facebook and Internet Marketing. Her speaking engagements include:“Presenting a Professional Image,” “Increase Sales through Customer Loyalty and Relationship Building,” and “Internet Marketing for Your Business.” Terra has taught large groups and small – at businesses, Chambers of Commerce, and professional organizations/associations.

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