One of the methods of attracting more followers on Twitter is to make a bold and easily noticeable statement that you follow back. It’s that little extra added to the profile description that might seem like a good idea, but really isn’t. Why? Because of how it makes you look!

First, it says you’re in the habit of following spammers. Because there are spammers adding you to their followed list every day and saying you follow everyone back (automatically or not) will just draw more to you. As everyone fears spammers, your embracing them might trigger the spamming flag in some people’s minds when analyzing you as a person they might follow.

It also says you really don’t care who you follow! It does not matter if they are tweeting what interests you and if your retweeting them would bring value to your followers. This might lead your potential followers to believe you have little consideration for them, you just add people as they come and with no real interest or plan in mind.

It shows you’re only interested in numbers, not in conversations or relationships. You cannot possibly be interested in building meaningful relationships if you really don’t care who you follow back! All it takes for them to be of interest to you is their following you first! Meaningless tweets are not hard to find on Twitter, it’s the meaningful encounters that people area really looking for!

We all want lots of followers on Twitter. Having 5 followers or having 5000 is clearly not the same. But how many people follow you is a lot less important than the quality of people following you. The value they provide, what they bring to the table, how they can help and how you can help them are more relevant aspects to monitor than just numbers!

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