I am happy to announce that the guide to twitter that you’ve heard about in the past couple of months on my Twitter stream or on Faebook is out! The Social Media Newbie’s Guide to Twitter for Businesses ebook, a simple guide to get businesses and individuals with a business focus started on Twitter, has just been launched!

The reason for deciding to focus on such an ebook was that while Twitter kept growing and more and more businesses created accounts and started blasting out 140 character messages, the result-free efforts were astonishing. Many people still fail to understand Twitter and their presence is more of a reflex, the adoption of a cool trend, than a thought out, carefully planned business strategy.

While I was pondering over the actual need of such a business guide, I noticed that a few articles debating Twitter-related themes became extremely popular, showing a genuine interest in quality information on getting the best out of the microblogging platform. So I powered my writing mode and completed this project, accepting the challenge of publishing my first business ebook 🙂

This guide for Twitter business users is based on my own experience running a dozen twitter accounts, with all the hassle, mistakes and wonderful events that marked my passage through the Twitterverse, on others’ kind tips or examples, on patterns I’ve noticed, on things I (and others) have loved and hated in how Twitter users act.

Who should read this ebook:

  • businesses that decide to integrate social media in their overall communication efforts, preferably before they actually start;
  • employees tasked with tapping into Twitter and promoting their activity and the company employing them
  • consultants, coaches and trainers that want to establish themselves as experts in their field and get new clients through Twitter;
  • all of the above who already have a Twitter account, yet are not performing as expected
  • new Twitter users in general who want to make the best out of their social media experience, build a valuable community and actually reach their online goals.

How to get the ebook

I wanted to make getting the The Social Media Newbie’s Guide to Twitter for Businesses ebook as simple and transparent as possible, so you are now faced with two possibilities to obtain it, one free, one paid. Please feel free to choose the method that best suits your interests and real needs:

If you’re interested in fresh marketing and PR advice, helping you grow your business and improve your overall communication, in the latest PR services and training discounts from the Mirror Communications PR and Marketing agency, then sign up for our newsletter and get the Twitter guide for free!

If all you want is the ebook and have no interest in PR articles and news or require no PR and marketing consulting, then just buy the Twitter for Businesses guide today (14.99 USD)!

Before you decide, have a taste of my writing style and the contents of the guide by checking  out the sample chapter of the ebook here.

Regardless of how you choose to get The Social Media Newbie’s Guide to Twitter for Businesses ebook, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on it. I’m also more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

Enjoy! 🙂

P.S.  Before you part, I need to share with you the fact that this ebook is now available thanks to the help and advice of Alex Cristache of QBKL Media and Blogsessive who worked his magic on the exquisite design of this ebook.

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