Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding scheduled for late April just got an official website. If you were not convinced this major event is a great PR boost for the British royal family and quite the cash cow for the UK, now you should know it for sure. Need more proof? Well one site was not enough, so a secondary location to find the latest news on the wedding: and official governmental page that according to Reuters will publish “practical information to help tourists planning on coming to London or Britons organizing events in their local communities.”

The main site however remains the major attraction, fresh off the web development computers of its makers:

Royal officials say the website,, will be regularly updated with new details about the ceremony on April 29, as well as featuring photos, features, and video content.
It will also be the first place where details of Middleton’s dress will be revealed on the day of the wedding.

The future bride and groom, Prince William and Kate Middleton breathe the image of the perfect couple through all their pores. Not exactly a fairy tale couple, but close enough to it. Their public image and their inspiring youth will do wonders for the monarchy’s image in the UK and in the world. Canada’s perception of the monarchy is a good example.

Other than that London hotels will all be full around the event, to accommodate enthusiasts from across the UK, Europe and the world. All venues in London and in the UK organizing special royal wedding events will sell a lot. If that’s not a cash boost, I don’t know what is.

PR-wise, launching an official website is a great move. It’s trendy, true, but also appeals to the world. Can you imagine how many young girls would keep an eye on the event and want to be a part of it because a. they want their own wedding or b. dream of catching their own price or c. they are hopelessly in love with Prince William and want to see him changing his mind? But beyond the momentary hype, it pictures an open, transparent and online future couple of monarchs. These are the great people that will soon rule Britain. They are young, beautiful and smart and they know the ways of the new technology stuffed world we live in.

Another idea the British and the world will keep after the event is that the Royal couple and the government supported the business boost during this period. Tourists, event organizers, visitor attractions and all kinds of venues could get fresh info and support to make the best out of the wedding of the year.

Brilliant move, lovely couple, now let’s all bookmark the royal wedding site and keep a gossipy eye on the event!

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