Those of us following the entertainment scene even remotely, know about the entire scandal rocking the Hollywood scene between Charlie Sheen and “Two and a Half Men” producers and broadcasters, CBS, Warner Bros., and Chuck Lorre. It’s all been a crazy mess of wild accusations, crazy ramblings and failed attempts to funny statements. The entire scandal led to the popular comedy show being canceled, Sheen’s publicist resigning and hordes of angry fans.

The angry fans were the most interesting part in this equation. From what I can tell now, they weren’t angry about Charlie Sheen acting crazy. They expected that much! Think a bit and you will realize we are talking about people loving a character that much resembles the real Sheen and having a great laugh about it. What they were angry about was the show  being canceled.

So fans and all those crazy about a good fight thought they should support Charlie Sheen in his own way. The star gone wild turned to Twitter and instantly got close to 1.2 million followers almost instantly. All it took severe acting out and some famous endorsements like that from P Diddy. He is a long way from the much debated race to the 1 million mark between Ashton Kutcher and CNN, isn’t he?

No one loves a good scandal more than big US TV stations, that is why there are a few interviews with Sheen every day. Will he sue everyone behind “Two and a Half Men?” Hard to tell. Given the big publicity powering Charlie Sheen to an ever present, although kind of crazy, icon, plus his moral high ground that he recently started to parade, claiming he just wants to fix things and go back to work, it would seem like saying no to a cash cow from CBS and Warner Bros. Sure, the show’s syndication is still making them piles of money, but how long will that last, and why not get more in the process.

Even if it is for the wrong reasons, Charlie Sheen has been getting more media time than ever. Blogs, news sites, fan sites, TV stations, Twitter, Facebook and the entire world are talking about him. They pretend to be mad, but will still enjoy the cat fight and massively follow him on Twitter. Even if he starts selling tweets for a million a piece, it is still worth it.

The question is was this whole Charlie Sheen scandal a PR scheme to get him everywhere or was it just dumb luck: he went crazy in a world that worships crazy and will support it to the end. What do you think?

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