One of the things we consider when creating online content is it’s ‘shareability’ factor. Meaning how eager readers are to share it with their online connections after reading it. While the content itself is directly responsible for the desire to make people want to post it on their social pages or send it via email, it is not enough. To increase the ‘shareability’ factor, we often add little tools or plugins – google + buttons, Facebook like buttons, retweet buttons, Stumble Upon buttons. We attempt to make it easy for the reader to share that content.

But in the process of website updates and management, we sometimes forget that sharing is supposed to be easy and take as little time as possible. That is why we forget to check the buttons and the plugins and see if they work. When these tools don’t work properly, most readers will give up. They don’t have time to edit the tweet or Facebook update! It should all run smoothly. Others might choose to take the time and do the work, if the story is really worthwhile. But if they are in a hurry, they might postpone it for a bit – which can turn to quite a long time if they forget about it in the craziness of their own day.

So when you’re done nailing down that ultimate headline, when the post and the subheadings and the joke and the questions are done, please remember to check your plugins! If they work properly, you have better chances to have your post spread like wildfire!

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