When introducing potential customers to a product or service, PR professionals know they need to focus on benefits. Features are there to create some sort of gain for those who purchase whatever a company or individual is selling. Ideally, when a new product or service is launched, those behind it think in terms of benefits, be it real ones or just apparent ones – making people feel cool when they need to is just as much of a benefit as helping them grow their business.

We do consider benefits, and those clearly stated, to be a way to help sell more, increase brand awareness and get all the recognition a company deserves. Simply put, benefits return benefits – monetary gain, image boosts, new opportunities. Therefore, to become successful, you need to help your customers become successful

A happy customer  makes for a good review and a few recommendations. A successful customer, recognized as such by the industry or the entire world, that makes for a successful company, plenty of reviews and plenty more buying customers.

A big success that is directly linked to your product or service is quite the stroke of luck, the gold mine every company and their PR team dreams of. But it’s not really something you can focus on, is it? You cannot just review your customers and think about who has the biggest chances of becoming successful. So what can you do?

First of all, make sure you think in terms of success when you launch something – product or service. A useful product that helps reduce costs and saves time means more of a client’s resources invested in making themselves a hit. More so if your product is instrumental to their success.

It happens – a piece of software helps create another one that becomes world renown. This 14 year old that took a startup to stardom is not a unique case.

The second thing you need to consider is that you must be able to identify success related to your products. You have to keep an eye on your customers and their achievements and determine which were given a helping hand by your product and services. Taking their spotlight is not your best move, but pointing out you got them there is a great tactic. The caveat is that you must be tactful about it and not try to make it all about you. In the end, it is really about that customer that was smart enough to turn your product or service into something awesome!

Success stories are convincing. The fame associated with someone quickly becoming known to the world can be easily turned into future benefits, simply because we all like to think we could be a great success, if only we had the right tools and the right state of mind. Potential buyers need to know you’ll help them solve their problems, but they also love to know you could change their lives in certain circumstances, help them achieve everything they wanted.

The truth is, with the right product or service, targeting the right customers, you actually can! The right technology can help a struggling business get ahead of their competition and make it big. The right advice can help another position themselves better, identify opportunities and run a profitable business. The right equipment can certainly make the differece at times!

Success is something every business should desire for their customers. It leads to the provider’s own success. It is not so much a dream to catch naive potential buyers with, it’s a desireable possibility we all hope for and work towards.

Now, over to you – what products or services helped you succeed? Who are those brilliant people that showed you the way to your dream? Who did you help achieve greatness? Let’s talk!

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