April’s Fool is one of those days that you love to hate. Or hate to love. Why? Because pranks are fun when they happen to other people. Some are great and help businesses amuse and relax their audiences, while getting them even more hooked to their brands, or they can end up in total fails.

One day after this year’s April’s Fool, here are some cleverly used favorites of mine:

At the top of the list? Dark Souls 3. This game is about to be released and the fans are going insane. What would help promote it? Well, a VHS movie release, right? Right!

What better than an old-school version of a game where the graphics look like hell? Pun intended, with the hell there! Why it works? Because it keeps the fans on edge about the release, and it’s the complete opposite of what the game promises – better graphics than the ones before.

So get your consoles ready (or attach your controllers to your PCs) and wait for about two more days!

Another great way to entertain your audience? Capitalize on current trends in a totally unexpected way. SimplyNailLogical went with veganism, while Jenny Claire Fox went with DIY hacks. They are both promoting their nail art tutorials and they are funny as hell!

First the vegan nails – because a healthy diet is important.

And then the lip balm hack that lets you paint your nails in a new, totally original way!

Have you been gone for a while and want to announce the relaunch your brand? Why, April’s Fool is a great way! Especially if the joke is about promising to relaunch and not doing it just yet! That’s what comedy YouTube series Gentlemen’s Rant chose and it worked:

Cuteness works just as great, as this Adopt a Unicorn prank proves. But those who do love unicorns and glitter, and all things magical, might have actually been a bit disappointed.

How about fails?

Those also happen. Sometimes you think something is funny, but you end up making a joke out of a real struggle and it can backfire. What I saw this year? Writers saying they’re giving up writing because they can’t afford to keep at it and fake pregnancies. The moral? Make sure you’re actually funny and you don’t make fun of some pretty common and very real hardships. You can try it, but alienating your potential customers is never a good idea.


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