If you’re thinking to use your advertising budget on either Facebook or Google Adwords, you have to start with what you want to achieve. These two marketing outlets serve very different purposes and you always have to remember that. To simply put it, you use Facebook Marketing for branding and boosting your online communities, and you use Google Adwords to generate business.

Google Ads are a bit more expensive, but they convert better, and the sales cycle is significantly shorter. On the other hand, Facebook ads are great at reaching people with certain interests and lifestyles. The granularity is unparalleled. They might not have a clear intent to purchase anything, but it will get you a chance to target very specific demographics, and thus you will get to know your audience better.

While costs are a real concern, the truth is it can cost you a lot more to try and have fast, immediate results through Facebook ads. Google Ads convert a lot better, so the investment might be worthwhile. The basic idea is to use each advertising option for the right purpose

Do most businesses have to choose between Google Ads and Facebook Ads? Yes, if it’s a budget issue. Otherwise, they should use a mix of both Google and Facebook ads. That strategy is the best option you have because branding and generating more business / sales are equally important. Having loyal supporters for your business matters just as much as needing to meet your targets in terms of revenue. One keeps you stay in business – immediate sales – and the other one insures repeat business, loyal customers, and brand recognition.

Have you tried any of these types of ads? What did you think of it?

To better illustrate the post, check out these two infographics illustrating the differences between Google and Facebook ads, along with each option’s strengths.

Facebook vs Google - Ads options


Facebook vs Google Ads


    1. Yeah, building a community around your brand is cheaper and easier with Fb ads. I haven’t used Google Ads for myself, but had PR clients who used them. It was always geared towards getting business relatively fast.

    1. Yeah, a combo works great in some cases. But I’d do the same for you for a manufacturing business – while it’s nice to have a social presence, google ads would boost their business a lot better and faster.

  1. Personally, I love the thought of these ads boosting our traffic. However, I am new to blogging and what I have done so far is to promote my blog on social media. I am afraid that I will just waste my money if I do those ads. I don’t know. Maybe if I can come up withe better content that can make me earn, then I’ll try both of them.

    1. Social sharing does help with blog traffic, but with how Facebook works, you need a lot of engagement on your page/profile for what you share to reach a lot of people. To reach a specific group of people, you’d then need ads. But yes, this can always be done later, and even not at all if you don’t see your blog as a business venue.

  2. This is a great tutorial on online advertising. I have learned much from this specially since this is what I need to boost my business online presence. Thanks for sharing this. I actually bookmarked your page.

  3. That’s a very good comparison between the social media giants. I love how detailed the infographic is in terms of the advantages and the disadvantages of the two companies.

  4. I like the way the differences are shown and list in a way that you can really understand them for comparison, I am honestly unfamiliar with both ads as I have not been focusing on them but this is a great learning tool for me.

  5. Very detailed comparison of the two. I haven’t progressed to the stage of using ads yet but I have bookmarked this page for future reference.

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