Is it me, or is the new trend of movie trailers to reveal most of the movie action to us, except for a couple of twists and the ending? While we crave for just a few interesting tidbits, I feel like the marketing teams of big productions are now pretty much putting it all out there. I mean, you can guess what happens in two thirds of the movie and just go there for the extended version. Is this something viewers like? Is it meant to give you a sense of knowing most of it, just to surprise you in the end?

I remember the new Star Wars release of last December. The trailers barely showed a few glimpses of what was going to happen in the movie. Granted, once you see it, you realize some scenes in the trailer were from nearly the end of the movie, but you couldn’t tell, couldn’t guess what the plot was going to be about, there were rumors flying and there was anticipation.

I also remember watching those kinds of trailers where you basically get most of the story. It was a running joke with my boyfriend, but after seeing a few trailers for movies I’ve been looking forward to, I feel this is becoming the norm. Show as much of the action as possible, without giving it all away. Like a few glimpses wouldn’t be convincing enough.

Let’s just take a look at the now running Underworld franchise movie:

So, let’s see, we have a long narration, just in case you’ve forgotten what the movies were about. You have plenty of exposition of what is going on, and they show you the main character evolves into something else. Wrapped up neatly with a little disappearing magic trick. Is it me, or could they have shown less?

Then there is… well, The Fate of the Furious. The eight movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. Man, do they show a lot in that trailer? Everything over the top, and probably the summary of the first hour of the movie. Anyone else feel like they could have kept the submarine as a surprise?

With so much more trailers taking this approach and showing a lot more than a quick glimpse, I have to wonder. Is that what we prefer? I am still going to see these. But I would have gone regardless of how much they showed in the trailers. I am already hooked on the franchise. But what about new viewers? Would they be hooked faster if they got a better picture of what’s going on?

What are your thoughts on this

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