Everything we delete isn’t actually deleted, it is coded/written in the hardware with instructions to the system that it can be overwritten or recovered when needed. So technically, retrieving freshly deleted items is no big deal at all. However, for large data or system files, it takes more than a freeware to do the job, or a DVD or corrupted SD card or USB drive recovery isn’t a child’s play. Still, there are some paid and free software’s in the market with extremely useful results recovering any file. Some of the top media recovery tools can even recover a distorted or long deleted file in a matter of minutes. From boot recovery to raw hard drive recovery, there are some efficient software’s with brisk tools to do the job. Still, you have to do some inquiry before buying any data recovery software. Here are top three media recovery software that actually works, after analyzing the software, these ones are the best available in the market at the moment.

EaseUS Data Recovery


EaseUS data recovery is one of the pioneers in recovery software on World Wide Web. The best thing about it is, it has the simplest user interface with frequent useful updates. EaseUS Pro and EaseUS Technician Wizard tool is the principal tool with updated features, partition recovery, raw hard drive recovery, and boot recovery wizard. Pro Wizard is available for mac and windows for $69.95 with a free trial. Data Recovery Pro + WinPE includes a single license with full features for any kind of storage device and bootable media recovery. The technician wizard is available for $499 with anytime live support from EaseUS.  EaseUS file recovery software for Android and IOS are available with free and paid versions. EaseUS data recovery wizard is compatible with all the versions of Windows.

Minitool Power Data Recovery


Minitool data recovery software is available for both Mac and Windows, the tool is one of the most successful ones right now. The free edition offers 1 GB of recovered data, for more, you have to upgrade to paid version. The recovery mode scans and recovers and preview files to the user before retrieving the selected data. Minitool Data Recovery is available as personal, enterprise, commercial, and technician version. Mobile recovery is accessible exclusively for IOS users, the partition recovery, and data managers are also available in free and paid versions.

Recuva Professional by Piriform


Another successful software from the piriform platform, Recuva would be an excellent choice for long-term use. Recuva provides free and paid versions of its software. The freeware can recover any image, file, or software from internal and external data drives. Recuva Pro analyze your system a step deeper than the free version, it offers a deep system scan that is a slow process. Still, it is way above its competitors. You can securely delete any file with Recuva Professional as it overwrites it many times to make it unreadable and unrecoverable. The paid version is available for $19.95 from the official website of Piriform software’s.

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