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2018 is just around the corner. More businesses will take advantage of digital marketing and online commerce this year. In fact, today’s digital marketing landscape is already very competitive as it is; the competition is about to heat up with new businesses, exciting new trends, and new online marketing instruments.

A competitive market means you have to be at your best to stay ahead. There is no room for mistakes and errors, especially when it comes to creating and maintaining a strong online presence. There are 4 digital marketing mistakes that you simply can’t afford to make in 2018.

No (or Weak) Call to Action

Online marketing is (mostly) about soft-selling, but don’t mistake soft-selling with not selling at all. You want to avoid hard sales pitches and blunt marketing efforts, but you still need a strong and clear call to action to garner user engagement.

Always add a clear and concise call to action to your online marketing materials. A simple “Buy Now” or “Learn More” is all that is needed to trigger responses from the audience in most cases. Not having these calls to action will only hamper the impact of your digital marketing.

Doing Everything Yourself

Digital marketing is an ongoing effort. It is also incredibly broad; you can’t expect the best results by using only one or two of the available instruments or channels. There are also a lot of challenges to tackle before you can achieve success on the internet. It doesn’t take much for these challenges to become overwhelming.

There are some tasks that you can do yourself, but don’t hesitate to work with professional marketing agencies such as Eventige to fully optimize your campaigns. It is much better to invest in an effective campaign than to waste time and money on half-hearted efforts.

Tracking the Wrong Metrics

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is an ongoing effort. Part of that effort is evaluating the existing campaign and making fine adjustments whenever necessary. To be able to fine-tune your digital marketing campaign and boost its effectiveness, you must first track the correct metrics.

Exposure and followers count are great, but they don’t really tell the full story. You need to start focusing on user engagement, conversion, and even sales to fully understand the impact of the campaign.

Poor Integration

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the market is by utilizing the best marketing instruments available to you. Forget about formulating different campaigns for different channels. The hottest keyword to anticipate in 2018 is integration.

An integrated marketing campaign – where instruments such as content marketing and social media support each other – is the way to go. Through an integrated digital marketing effort, you can amplify your reach, be more consistent with your branding, and achieve greater results in the end.

One thing that is certain about digital marketing in 2018 is that it will be even more exciting than it is today. Avoid making the mistakes we covered in this article and you will be able to stay ahead of the market with your own digital activation campaigns.

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