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With inventions like the HoloLens giving us a sneak peek at the future, many tech enthusiasts have begun speculating just how advanced augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can become within the next 5-10 years. Of course, the ramifications for creating new versions of existing apps and games is tremendous, but what about entirely new concepts that haven’t even been thought of yet? When you really start to use your imagination, you see there’s practically no limit to the number of ways this tech could be used by both the general public and private corporations. With that said, here are a few exciting hypothetical concepts that AR and VR may bring to life in the near future.

Virtual Teletransportation

We’re still a long way from being able to physically teletransport cells from one location to another, let alone an entire object or a human. However, AR and VR may give us a simulated version of teletransportation that’s comparable to the real thing in many ways. You open an app similar to Skype and instead of the person on the other end seeing a simple video chat, they’d see a hologram representation of you right in front of them. Such applications could give a whole new meaning to virtual meetings and could technically allow you to be in two places at once. Interesting ideas like this are sometimes discussed on popular IT & tech blogs like, but in a few years they could easily become a reality.

Robotic Avatars

Progressing from virtual teletransport we then have the possibility of taking it a step further by equipping robotic avatars with a variety of sensors that would transmit impulses to full body suits and gloves in order to simulate the tactile experience of actually touching something. You could then use an omnidirectional VR treadmill to walk around and interact in external environments remotely, using your robot avatar as a means to explore from the comfort of your home or office.

Home Travel

With the above two concepts in mind, it starts to become apparent that the final result could be people having the ability to travel around the world and engage in incredibly risky and adventurous activities without ever having to leave home. Their robotic avatar surrogates would do all the dirty work and yet they’d be able to see, hear, and feel everything as if they were actually there, bringing about a whole new industry called virtual home travel.

Accessing Object and Location Data Effortlessly

Imagine being able to look at something with your AR glasses or contacts and automatically it’s surrounded by a data-filled HUD that you can use to learn everything about the object. For example, you look at the exterior of a restaurant and there’s a link to its menu, reviews, contact info, and relevant news stories. Imagine being able to ask for the height or width of an object and receive an accurate estimate without ever having to measure anything. Such automated information display features could become the norm within a decade if AR and VR continue to advance at the current rate.

Can you think of any other hypothetical concepts?  Let us know in the comments.

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