Laser Marking for Metals

When creating and reselling metal products, anything from electronics, and jewelry to spare mechanical parts and medical tools and devices, companies need to find the perfect blend of design and practical use in their engraving.

Laser marking allows for greater speed and precision while offering the better brand visibility. It also ensures you can continue tracking your products over time. If you want to implement a permanent form of marking of texts, logos, and other instructions on all your metal products, then the laser markers by are a great choice for you.

In all its different forms—laser marking for product tracing, deep laser engraving, surface blackening, or 3D engraving—this innovative technology is precise and clean, extremely fast as it requires no pre or post-processing; the high resolution finish guarantees easy identification and traceability for all your products; the marking results are durable and resistant to acids, chemicals, and corrosion, while keeping the surface material damage-free.

Laser markers are ideal for a large number of companies operating in the automotive, electronics, jewelry, engineering, mechanical, and medical technologies industries. They are flexible, fast, and offer unparalleled quality.

This technology can be used for high definition, seamless markings of any geometric shapes and alphanumeric characters. Therefore logos, instructions, and barcodes are all easy to engrave and are virtually indelible, as the marking is not done by removing part of the material, but by localized heating of the metal. This characteristic forever guarantees your product traceability.

From a business and financial standpoint, laser markers are a sound investment. The speed of the laser marking process ensures great quality that meets tight deadlines, without needing to re-fit the machine in between uses. The markers also lack any costs for consumables, as they don’t require inks, sprays, or other such products.

If you are looking for a technology to help engrave or mark metal products, you’ve just stumbled across the best solution out there.

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