Travelling with Children

Travel, for most people, is the perfect form of unwinding. You just want to get lost in a new city and not have to worry about the mundane repetitive things that make up our daily lives. But what happens when you become a parent? You can no longer just pack a small bag and disappear into the night, or decide to roam a new city without a worry of where you will sleep later.

Well, travel bloggers have proven that you can travel with kids quite comfortably. Some have even attempted to travel with a child after divorce to help them both deal with the ordeal and it has proven therapeutic.

So, what are some of the things you can do to make it easier and manageable?

Do your Research Days in Advance

The worst nightmare you can put yourself through is travelling into a place with climatic conditions and weather that is the opposite of what your child is used to. Humid and extremely hot areas are not ideal for young kids as they will be quite uncomfortable, a fact that they will show through constant wailing. You want rest and a holiday, not a babysitting session from hell.

You also want a place that has as many kid-friendly activities as possible to keep them occupied. Happy baby means a happy parent, right?

Entertainment is Key

If they are older and quite eager to explore a new environment, get them a standard camera and send them into an expedition. They will be happy to adventure by themselves and will proudly present their photos for the day. You don’t have to carry all their toys from home as you will want to introduce them to new things along the way. Crayons will come in handy as will scribblers. Modern parents are also using apps to keep the little ones engaged especially when you are stuck in airports for hours.

travel with children

Public Transport and Keeping Tabs

Save the money you planned to use for hiring a private car and just hop into a train. Kids love watching things rushing past and they could even make a game out of it. I was once in a train with this excited kid who would attempt to repeat the name of each destination as it was announced. His speech was still in development stage and so you can imagine the cute mispronunciations that kept us all laughing. He loved his 15 seconds of fame too.

Being as kids will be kids, they will get carried away and get lost in masses and since they have a monster of energy, you may never keep up with them. Short of chaining them to your luggage is tracking their movement. Those cute watches with trackers in them could go a long way in keeping tabs on a kid when they get lost in crowded areas.

Kids are a handful but they are ours to care for and their presence should not hinder you from having fun and exploring the world. Create a sense of wander in them by starting them early.

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